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Unraveling the genetic architecture of multiple sclerosis

We are leading large-scale genetic analyses on behalf of the International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium. We have most recently completed the largest-ever genetic analysis in multiple sclerosis, with more than 110,000 subjects analyzed using individual-level data, and we identified 233 statistically independent genome-wide effects.


The role of sex chromosomes in genetics of multiple sclerosis

We have recently reported the first-ever chromosome X association in multiple sclerosis. We are currently leading international efforts to study in depth the role of chromosomes and X and Y.


Gene prioritization for drug targeting

We are working on methods to prioritize genetic variants and affected genes for drug targeting and repositioning.


Personalized models of combinatorial drug targeting for common diseases

We are developing algorithms to create personalized models of common diseases’ susceptibility, coupled with cell-specific gene expression data to design combinatorial treatments.


Solutions for analysis of large-scale genetic data

We are developing software to analyze large-scale genetic data.


New collaborations

We are a highly collaborative group and we strongly believe in the power of teamwork to tackle important scientific questions. If you are interesting in collaborating shoot as an e-mail (see Contact page). Main areas of interest:

  • Genome-wide association analyses
  • EWS and WGS studies (we can process ~50 WGS samples within 4 days)
  • Cell-specific RNA-seq and any-seq data
  • Functional follow-up of genetic loci
  • Fine-mapping and integration of data to prioritize causal variants
  • Gene-environment interaction methods
  • Meta-analysis methods and their application

If your project is not in our list we would still love to hear from you.


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